Primus Shipping
Primus is a 1 Stop Service Singapore Based Agency specialized in handling oil/chemical tankers, not only do we excel in vessel handling, our group and each individual entity seamlessly integrate our operations to provides ships and owners with comprehensive array of services.



Our motto


Primus believes in our proactive approach of handling agency matters
which is key essential for the growth of our company.

Our graphical logo of a high wave in motion reflects our company in escalating advancement, mimicking our company’s constant self renewal and exemplifying our aim to radiate our influence in the market.

We invest in attracting and training our talent pool enable us to be relevant and competitive.

Our culture of being transparent and open in our handlings has generated and impact positive results in our industry.


Date Milestone Events
2002 DEC Pinnacle Shipping Services incorporated
2008 JUN Peridox Trading incorporated
2009 MAR Pearle Delivery
2009 OCT Set up first office in WCEGA Plaza, #04-15
2009 DEC Pinnacle Marine (S) Pte Ltd incorporated
2010 JAN Opening of Primus Shipping Services
2010 AUG POSH Delivery
2011 SEP Prestige Ocean Pte Ltd incorporated
2011 NOV Phyllis Delivery
2012 JUL Peridox Shipping Sdn Bhd incorporated
2012 DEC Primus Shipping Agencies (Asia) Pte Ltd incorporated
2013 MAY Pacific Disposal Services Pte Ltd incorporated
2013 AUG Paris Delivery
2014 JUN Set up 2nd office in WCEGA Plaza, #04-17
2014 OCT Panamax Shipping Co Ltd incorporated
2014 DEC Princess Delivery
2015 MAR Presto Shipping Private Limited incorporated
2015 MAY Pt Permata Anugerah Jaya incorporated